CMMG's Springs and Pins kit contains some of the most commonly lost components of a lower parts build. If that detent goes flying across the room, CMMG has you covered.


  • AR-15 Hammer and Trigger Spring
  • AR-15 Hammer and Trigger Pins
  • AR-15 Selector Spring and Detent
  • AR-15 Buffer Retainer and Spring
  • AR-15 Trigger Guard Roll Pin
  • AR-15 Takedown Spring (No Pins)
  • AR-15 Disconnector Spring
  • AR-15 Takedown Detent
  • AR-15 Bolt Catch Roll Pin

CMMG, Lower Springs And Pins Kit, Fits AR-15 Rifle

  • Brand: CMMG
  • Product Code: CMMG-55AFF75
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  • $13.00 USD